Las Vegas Bachelor Party Packages

Are your planning a bachelor party for your best friend, brother or future brother-in-law?  Is he a generous gentleman or a rowdy reveler? Let a VIP host help you make his last night as a “free man” a night about him; and one no one will ever let him forget. We know what it takes to surprise the groom and we offer an impressive list of ways to party. As with any party; the more, the merrier but that also equals, the cheaper, because package deals goes down in pricing as the group size goes up.
First, how are you and your group going to get around?  We can provide you with transportation that will motor your group to multiple venues. Depending on the size of your group, the choices range from the traditional limousines to the stretched SUV and Hummer Limos and the increasingly popular, Party Buses. Party Buses have room enough to dance in and can keep the party going while on the road. Check out Rent a Las Vegas Party Bus on our Home Page for more information.
Before a night of heavy drinking and partying, you should fuel your group with food. It is Las Vegas after all; and it is all that with a bag of chips. Whether it is a greasy spoon, a more refined cuisine, or even the renowned Vegas All You Can Eat buffet; can steer you to the best places that offer the groom’s favorite grub while you sit back and wait for9 o’clock to strike. Both Pampas and Sedona are highly recommended.
All the talk about this ‘hot’ club and that ‘trendy’ club never mentions the long lines, the cover charge or how nearly impossible it can be to get to the bar to order a drink. You may have heard about bottle service to secure a table for a large group, but rarely do they tell you how very expensive it is.  Bottle service rules depend on the club.  Some may require one bottle for every 2 to 3 people and other have a minimum ‘bottles per table’. The average price for a 750ml mid-range brand starts at around $350.00. These venues would be suggested only if your group wants to dance or see a performer. If you have decided to go the Party Bus route, ask us about the package deals.
Las Vegas Bachelor PartyThe core of most bachelor parties is a stop at a strip club. Las Vegas has the most and the most famous topless and all nude strip clubs in the world. The general rule in a strip club is: look but DO NOT touch; even during a lap dance. It is not wise to think that one of those girls will be going home with you, they could lose their job. Just be sure to have a lot of cash on hand because it is strongly advised not to use your card at these venues. We suggest Sapphire, Crazy Horse III andTreasures for topless dancers.  Most fully nude clubs in Vegas do not serve alcohol.  But there is one, and only one, so visitPalomino to see fully nude strippers.
For a more interactive experience, consider private strippers and escorts.  They come to you at your hotel room and the dancers get fully nude.  It would cost about the same as going to a strip club.  It does require one girl for every two guys, so you would have to hire 5 girls for a group of 10 guys.   Escorts in Las Vegas do more than just stripping.  These ladies can stay with your group for the entire night and help keep the party going at each destination.  If this is the grand finale of your event, escorts also offer fully nude massages and showers and toy shows in the privacy of your hotel room.  Check out your options for private Las Vegas Strippers to come dance at your party and  Las Vegas call girls for an even more erotic time.  Just remember, always deal with a licensed Las Vegas Escort Agency like RideWorks VIP Las Vegas Escorts or maybe save a little money dealing with  Las Vegas escorts.
Of course, your event can be catered to your specifications. Do it all, do some, or just cruise the Las Vegas Strip all night long. There are choices and they are yours to make. just lets you know what those choices are and can help take care of the details to make them happen so everyone can have fun and be safe.

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